The Inside App features quick and intuitive visitor sign-in and sign-out processing, detailed reporting, customizable settings, and greeting email notifications; all in a simple app at your front desk. The App gives privacy to your visitors and digital record-keeping for easy Visitor Management.

Signin & Signout Processing

The Inside App features a minimally designed signin/signout work- flow that’s become loved and trusted by thousands or companies, businesses, schools, and organizations around the globe. Since our app’s launch, we have since then welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors with an iPad, not a pen and clipboard.

Whether configured to track visitors, time spent on a task, or even resources checked out to individuals, Inside is highly flexible in how it can be configured for the job.

Web- based Centralized Reporting

The Inside app automatically uploads all Visitor information to the organization’s central repository hosted via our website. Our mobile friendly website can be accessed from anywhere at anytime for a quick search, report, or update.

All account administration takes place on our website, whether a new iPad needs to be added, a new employee needs to be invited, or a custom message needs to be updated.

Multi- Location and Multi- iPad Deployment

Inside app allows for Locations and Devices to be added to the organization’s account. A single Location can have up to six iPads linked that would all share access to the same Visitor Information and Configuration. This allows a front desk to have one or more iPads to address the needs of large groups or lines or even multiple entrances and exits in a building or campus. A guest can signin to any iPad and signout through any other iPad linked under the same Location.

Employee Directory Integration for Contacts

The Inside App features Contacts, a simple way to notify an individual or team that a guest has checked in through the App. A template
CSV report of your employee directory can be uploaded through the website and immediately synced to all applicable iPads. The signin form on the device can be customized to display a searchable list of Contacts for the guest to select from. Upon signin, the Contact is notified by the system over the configured email address.

Role- based User Access to Information

All Users invited to the organization’s Inside account are assigned a Role for the level of access to the Visitor Information and configuration options. The website currently features an Administrative role for read/write access to everything and a User role for read-only access to Visitors and their Visits. These two Roles are also available with Location-based access, which allows access to the records and con- figuration for only a single Location in the Organization.

Custom Forms

Inside app features Custom Forms that give administrators complete control over the signin experience. Any number of fields and pages can be added to collect mandatory or optional fields; the following is a complete list of the fields available:

• Text – the simplest of fields
• Number – a field with number only validation
• Email – a text field with email only validation
• Phone – a number field with phone number only validation
• Lists – a configurable list of options with the ability to select one • Yes / No – a pre-configured list for quick answers
• NDA / Disclosures – A block of configurable text for review and agreement
• Contacts – A searchable list of Contacts synced through the website
• Photographs – Take quick photos to put a face to a name of your guests
• Signatures – A quadratically calculated signature panel for precise signatures

Custom Branding

The Inside app displays a configurable background theme on the main screen of the app with a focal point on the company logo floating in the foreground. An administrator can upload both images for a fully customized experience or select from a list of pre-made options for the themes.

Custom Messages & Notifications

An administrator can customize all of the Rich-Text messages sent to visitors and their contacts through any of the organization’s Locations. The editor allows changes to colors and formatting, the ability to insert tables, lists, and pictures, or even full HTML control of the coding and styling if necessary.

AirPrint Support for Visitor Badges

Inside app supports the ability to automatically and wirelessly print a Visitor Badge to any AirPrint compatible printer. The badge is printed immediately upon signin to the configured printer over the Wi-Fi Network shared by the iPad.

Badge options include the Large 4in x 2.43in badge featuring the Visitor Photo or the Mini 2.43in x 2in badge to reduce paper usage. 

QR Codes for Repeat Guests

Inside app features the same QR scanning technology shared by the airline and travel industry for ticketing. Upon a guest’s first signin, Inside can be configured to send the guest a QR Code for signout and all future visits. The QR code is uniquely tied to the Visitor’s record and validated through email. The QR scanner pre-fills the entire form with the guest’s information from their previous visit.

Our website also hosts a pre-registration feature that will register a guest for their visit to a Location, send a customizable email with details about their visit, and optionally attach a calendar reminder and QR Code.

Inside is the only Visitor Registration app that supports every generation, size, and color of the Apple iPad. The app is Bluetooth keyboard friendly, and works great on a stand in kiosk mode. Inside also features Badge printing to any AirPrint compatible printer, a wireless and automatic way to identify guests.

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